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TEMPLE ACOUSTIC are available for hire UK wide in duo or trio format and offer services for private parties, weddings, corporate functions, festivals, live music venues and more.

TEMPLE ACOUSTIC DUO consists of an acoustic guitarist and female vocalist Wendy Martin, using percussive bass-box, octave pedals, shakers and male backing vocals to create an impressive sound.

TEMPLE ACOUSTIC TRIO provides all elements of the duo plus the addition of a dedicated professional percussionist using djembe, congas, cajon, bass-box, mini-snare, shakers and bells. 

TEMPLE ELECTRIC also provide a series of electric band lineup options. These can be viewed on the subsection of the Video Media menu tab. Please enquire for further details.

-Prices vary depending on the lineup you choose, the amount of playing time you require and the location of your event so please get in touch with details.

Please note that the option of an acoustic lineup means the choice of instruments are acoustic, not that the performance is unplugged. For those smaller more intimate gigs, we perform at minimal volume but as with any acoustic lineup will still need to use a small form of amplification to be heard over ambient noise. For larger events or those that require more energy, we also have equipment that will rock your socks off! Lighting is also supplied for evening events.
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